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All New Bible Study Group!

Many of you know that I am a teacher at heart. It is my calling. It is my passion. As we are maneuvering through unchartered territory during this COVID-19 order, it is certainly not unchartered to the Lord. A few years ago the Lord placed upon my heart the desire to search the scriptures regarding the armor of God. I don't know about you but when God tells me to search something, there is vital information and wisdom to be discovered. And, while most of you know the importance of wearing this armor, there are essential spiritual reasons for understanding the need for the armor and how to wear it properly in times like these.

This Thursday, April 23rd, I will start my very first bible study session titled "Suit Up." You can register for this video conference study via the home page of this website underneath the "Truth Revealed Bible Study Group" section. Once you have registered, I will send you the link for the study.

Come prepared. Bring your bible, pen and pad for notes. Bring questions and be ready to engage in stimulating conversation. Thank you and I'll look to see you during our video conference session! These sessions are absolutely FREE!