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July, The Month of Divine and Proper Alignment

As I was meditating this morning on the new month, it immediately came to me that we are in the 7th month of the year. As most of you know, the number seven in numerology means "perfection and completion." As I was tuning into Holy Spirt, I heard the word "alignment." As I continued to ponder on the number seven and the month of July, I was prompted to look up the Hebraic meaning and symbols representing the number seven.

The number seven represents rest, completeness, stability, order, ripeness and holiness. There are seven continents, seven days in a week, the rainbow has seven colors, seven required feasts, the seven Spirits of God, seven trumpets, seven golden lampstands, seven bowls, seven seals, seven churches mentioned in the book of Revelation and so on. God rested on the seventh day. He set the seventh day apart as holy unto Himself. He called the seventh day "Shabbat."

The seventh Hebrew letter is "Zayin" and shown below and looks like a sword. The pictorial meaning for Zayin means, "plowshare, weapon, sword, to arm, to adorn, to cut, to arm, to adorn, to feed, completion." It also means nourishment, wholeness, blessing and rest.

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I believe God is going to align and bring to completion some things for those who have patiently waited on Him this month. Alignment has everything to do with proper positioning. The first 6 months, some of you have felt the shifting and rearranging of things taking place in your life. Things have been shifted and rearranged in your homes, on your jobs, in your ministries, in your finances, in your businesses, and for some, it has been uncomfortable. God has removed people from your sphere, He has disrupted the way you have been doing things for years and has caused you to become uncomfortable in familiar spaces. Why? Because He wants to bring you into right alignment! Sometimes there are people and relationships that God never intended for us to be in or involved with. And besides, maybe the connection was only supposed to be for a season.

There are people that are tied to your prophetic destiny that God wants to align you with and the only way to do that for some of us is to strip away the unnecessary ones. Our Heavenly Father wants the best for us. He wants us to fulfill our purposes here on earth. Jesus said in John 4:34 (NKJV), "My food is to do the will of Him who sent Me, and to finish His work." Earthly desires did not please Jesus, only doing what the Father wanted pleased Him. His desire was to see the work of the Father completed. July is the seventh month. It is time for you to get into proper alignment with the right people, jobs, careers, ministries and spheres of influence so that you can finish or stay on the right path to completing the work of the Father. The world has need of you. You have someone's deliverance in your teaching, someone's healing in your hands, someone's deliverance in your voice and/or someone's encouragement in your smile. Jesus wants to display His light through your life.

I declare July to be a month of alignment for you, a month of fruitfulness and divine order. July will bring you favor with God and with man like never before. Turn off your television, put down your cell phones and spend time in the Father's presence in order to gain strategies for your alignment. Cover yourselves and others in prayer. Take communion often and walk in tandem with Holy Spirit.

Happy July!