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May 2019 Daily Declarations

I Declare:

*Favor, goodness and mercy follow me wherever I go

*Wealth and riches are in my house

*I accomplish all of my goals

*I am a perfect example of Jesus Christ

*I am in good health (mentally, physically and spiritually)

*My soul prospers

*I follow the leading and promptings of Holy Spirit

*I walk through God's open doors

*I leave negative people and attitudes behind

*I embrace the NOW and who I am called to be

*I seek God's direction and godly counsel in all things

*My child(ren)/grandchildren are successful

*My child(ren)/grandchildren are intelligent

*My child(ren)/grandchildren excel in everything they set their minds to

*My marriage is prosperous

*My spouse and I walk in agreement

*My life is aligned with God's plans

*I have favor on my job

*I am always in the right place at the right time

*I make every divine appointment

*I walk in integrity

*I walk in peace

*I walk in love

*I walk in grace and mercy

*I walk in purpose

*I walk in my Kingdom identity and authority

*I am a blessing to those in my life

*I understand my sphere of influence and I thrive in it

*I am more than a conqueror through Christ Jesus

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