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Sound Barrier/Sonic Boom

Below is a word I received from the Holy Spirit this morning. It first started with the word "sound barrier" and illumination followed. Be blessed!


Sound Barrier--"the sudden increase in aerodynamic drag and other undesirable effects experienced by an aircraft or other object when it approaches the speed of sound."

It is said to be supersonic and creates a sonic boom once it surpasses the speed of sound. "For an airplane to break the sound barrier, it must hit speeds of about 770 mph. All the air in front of the craft gets pushed together, can't get out of its own way — and when that magic number gets hit — the air finally breaks free and crashes behind the plane causing a sonic boom."


There are those who carry the SOUND of the Kingdom who are about to be released. Their voices will break the sound barrier of the enemy that has covered and encamped the church. There are some sounds/songs/sermons being released that appear/sound "spiritual" in nature but they are not songs/messages/sounds of the Kingdom. When this sound is carried by the wind of the Spirit, it will create a "sonic boom" in the realm of the Spirit. This sound does not only pertain to songs but the sound will be released through preaching and praying (the voice of the vessel). This will be the sound of awakening. This will be the sound that will pierce the veil of darkness. This will be the sound that will cause the spiritually dead to come to life; it will also expose false doctrine. This will be the sound that will lead the backslider home. Jesus said, "My sheep hear my voice." The Shepard's voice will be in this sound; a sound of many waters.

Get ready to hear the sound. Worhsippers, get ready to hear and release the sound. Preachers, get ready to preach through the sound (your voice carries the sound). Intercessors, get ready to pray through the sound. This sound will not be duplicated and it will only be heard by those who are connected and walking in tandem with Jesus Christ. Acts 2:2 is a perfect example of the sound of Heaven invading earth. The sound came first then the people saw and experienced the visible results of the sound afterwards.

This sound will also release the love of God upon the earth in a very tangible manner. It will be a transformational sound. Many will try to imitate it but will be unsuccessful. This sound will bring about alignment and breakthrough the perverted, distorted, dissonant sound of the enemy. It will be a sound of terror to the kingdom of darkness. It will be a sound of shaking to those in darkness.

Get ready for the sound! Anticipate the sound. Ask Holy Spirit to anoint your ears to hear the sound. Ask for the strength of God to release the sound in the face of legalism, religion and hypocrisy. You are Kingdom Sound Carriers being ignited and released to eradicate the kingdom of darkness sound barriers!