• Veronica Your Kingdom Coach

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    You were created to win! Did you read that? The Father created you in His image so you are a winner! So how do you start winning in this Kingdom life? How do you begin to walk in purpose and achieve your desired success in the Kingdom? Veronica is not just any coach; she is a Kingdom Life Coach! Her wisdom, guidance and prophetic leadership is designed to empower and inspire the believer, whether new or seasoned, into a deeper relationship and understanding of Kingdom principles in order to live a healthy, whole and fulfilled godly life.


    Veronica has walked with the Lord for many years, traveled abroad, studied the bible extensively and has been the voice of many sermons, teachings and counseling sessions. She has mentored for many years and witnessed lives immensely transformed for the glory of God. Veronica has coached many believers and leaders into their Kingdom purposes. Through prayer and the Holy Spirit, your needs/goals will be brought before the Father in order to obtain clear and concise instructions.



  • Kingdom Coach Mentoring Package

    Are you ready to fulfill your God-ordained destiny? If so, we are ready to help you become all that God has called you to be. View our Kingdom coaching details below.

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    Your coaching will include:

    •  Q&A goal sessions and a personalized strategic plan devised to assist you with obtaining your Kingdom Life goals
    • Weekly accountability communications and godly counsel/guidance
    • Vision Board creation and maintenance
    • Teaching and book recommendations

    Cost: $75/hour


    Veronica’s overall goal is to provide you the confidence and guidance you need to reach your spiritual goals by listening, discerning, asking relevant questions, and coaching you as you find and carry out your passion and purpose.

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    Get ready to be and do all that God has called you to be and do!